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Why So Insecure ? — Writing My Heart Out

Do you have any insecurities ? Do your insecurities affects your performance ? Do you find it hard to let go of those insecurities ? If Yes , then this one is for you. Hello Everyone! So, Insecurities. Well, we all humans have insecurities about lot of things. There are variety of insecurities people have. […]

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Getting over of myself

I’m getting addicted to our own self. I was always conscious of my own self in anything I do. I always tend to look good to others even it is against in our heart. I always take selfies just to see others that I am okay even I’m not. I didn’t realize that I am a lover of myself. I forgot to look and care for others. One of the commands of God is to love your neighbor as yourself. When I felt uncomfortable, I look someone to blame for and to be angry with. I only listen to my own feelings and emotions. There are times I want to be in silence. When someone is making a noise like singing, I got irritated quickly. In that my response, I want her to cut her happiness which made her noisy. I don’t like to be disturbed. There is something wrong about me. I felt insecure when someone is busy with, or some are good at it. I hate these feelings.


Today, I haven’t done anything for my academic activities. I was been swayed to the destructions that reversing me to the things I supposed to do as a student, as a scholar, and a future researcher. I always think of my studies but nothing progress for this day. But still, I thanked God for having strength do washing clothes and going groceries in Palao market. Life is so empty when you are alone. Easily distacted. What I did today most of the time, I kept on scrolling down and up in the facebook until it almost late of the night, answering messages, watching koreans, . God help me!